Karen Hockney

Karen Hockney

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Karen Hockney has over 25 years of experience as a journalist writing for UK national newspapers and magazines on news, features, entertainment, health, travel, documentaries, film and music.

Her move into health journalism was prompted by a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 44. As a vegetarian, marathon running health and fitness freak who had never even smoked a cigarette, Karen researched her illness intensively, adopted an alkaline diet and ran and skied her way through chemotherapy, amazing her doctors with her energetic recovery.

She turned the experience into the critically acclaimed memoir Breathing Out, in the hope of helping, encouraging and educating other cancer sufferers to fight back through nutrition and exercise. Breathing Out was endorsed by Elle Macpherson and Amanda Holden and received five star reviews in Hello, Closer and Nursing Standard. She has written first person articles and been interviewed by The Times, You Magazine, Psychologies and Talk Radio Europe about her health.

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