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Crafty Beggars

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TV Presenters Julie and Wendy created Crafty Beggars in 2014 to bring crafting into the 21st century. Both presenters are instantly recognisable and genuinely dedicated to the art of crafting.

The appeal of crafts, both buying and creating, has increased tenfold over the last decade mainly as a result of the austerity that has affected the global market and an increasing interest in upcycling and recycling old items. Julie and Wendy also strongly believe that that every individual is capable of designing, creating and making something that is useful and artistic at the same time.

Coupled with the knowledge that the whole world has had to embrace the concept of utilising renewables, the market for this style of crafting is now bigger than ever.

The Crafty Beggars ethos is to combine recycled/unwanted materials with new crafting products in order to create something completely unique.

Their flagship magazine show is Crafty Beggars In The House! - A one hour studio based programme featuring a dazzling array of crafty guests; from experts to hobby enthusiasts and from crafty heroes to the entrepreneurs who share how they turned their passion into profit.

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