Chris Horrocks

Chris Horrocks

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Police and Crime
With 17 years' experience in front line policing and crime investigation, Chris recalls anecdotal situations with humour and candour. Interacting with the audience, Chris covers a wide scope of policing practices in the UK and, waves a flag for common sense and discretion in general police duties and the contentious issues of modern day policing.

PR and Media
With a unique career path into Media and PR, Chris divulges a straight talking and no frills viewpoint on this closed shop world. He describes how he strategically placed himself into the sector and successfully made an impact at every level, with the ear of the highest movers and shakers in the industry.

Communications and Marketing
Chris has been involved in communications all his working life. He has a completely independent outlook, with methods and solutions away from the mainstream graduate agency approach. With case studies and techniques of individual exclusivity, Chris shares the secrets of manoeuvre and strategy to get your target market to sit up and listen. His candid approach to common sense pragmatic ‘Keep your wits and counsel' PR, are unique and effective at all levels of international business.

Story-lining and writing a book
Having been involved in the writing of both business and celebrity books, Chris is also a published children's Author. Chris has presented to audiences from age 4 to 94 about story-lining, imagination, telling and writing stories. With a wealth of storytelling material, Chris interacts with his audience and, draws out their inner creativity. Chris provides tips and techniques to kick-start any would be writers' journey.

‘Making Your Network Work for You' is Chris's event on how to select, plan, work the room and follow up on networking events. Chris's ‘be feet discreet' technique has achieved legendary status in the networking world as he shows you how to avoid ‘sappers' and strategically engage with great contacts. Working with Ernst and Young and Malmaison Hotels, Chris delivers a light hearted yet highly effective approach to this much maligned business and career development resource.

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