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Chris Horrocks

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I first came into contact with Chris Horrocks when I was producing a documentary film for the BBC about missing people. Chris was a police officer in charge of a missing person investigation at the time. From the outset I was struck by his professionalism and dedication to the job. It was a complex and difficult inquiry and he had very little information to go on but Chris conducted a very thorough investigation. In addition to his policing duties, Chris also had to deal with inquiries from the media and I was impressed by the way he handled the demands that were placed on him, something he demonstrated in a network documentary about missing people. I found him to be professional and courteous and was struck by the sensitivity and care he showed for the family of the missing person. Since leaving the police force Chris has shown the same professionalism and sensitivity in his work. I have kept in contact with him and would be very happy to recommend him.

Laurence Inwood Series Producer BBC Inside Out

Chris is a force to be reckoned with. The first time we worked together was on research for a major storyline on ‘The Archers', when I was immediately struck by his wide-reaching knowledge and his generosity in sharing that knowledge and his vast experience with me. The show later won an award for that storyline.

Chris is astute, perceptive and quick-thinking, with the ability to grasp instantly the given circumstances and get right to the heart of the problem. And being solutions-oriented, resourceful and above all extremely creative, he can come up with a range of answers and then find the solutions that fit. He has the rare ability to adapt and utilise his skills in a range of environments, which is why he moves so effortlessly between business and the arts. Chris is warm, witty, great company and a man of integrity who makes working with him both easy and enjoyable.”

Carole Solazzo, Scriptwriter, BBC The Archers

We're delighted to be working with Chris Horrocks, who imparts his techniques in helping to turn introductions into opportunities, with lively exercises, strategies and advice for those who find networking a challenge. Chris will also share tips on how to make the most of networking on the social media platforms.

Chris brings a refreshing style to networking, so this will be a relaxed, informal session where you will learn a lot. There will also be the chance for you to ask Chris all the burning questions you may have.

EY Connecting Emerging Leaders

Chris is very well connected and has wide experience across Emergency Services, Blue Light and Public Safety Communications. Knowledgeable, experienced and well connected; He is a great networker because he enjoys meeting people and is always on the lookout for those connections that lead both parties to do something beneficial and interesting. Chris is professional, determined and focused and his creativity and innovative approach to business development and capture planning is both refreshing and effective.

Paul Howard
Security Cleared Business Development Manager (ESMCP) at MacNeillie

Chris Horrocks



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