Kerry Daynes

Kerry Daynes

Is There A Psycho in Your Life?

Who hasn't complained about their ‘psycho' boss or ‘psycho' ex, but what does the term really mean? Kerry explains why Norman Bates was definitely not a psychopath, but one in a hundred on your list of Facebook friends probably is. This talk will tell you about what makes a psychopath tick; what goes on in their mind and in their brain (literally), how they came to be like that and what we can do about it. You will be left equipped to spot the warning signs of a possible psychopath – how they operate in different roles and environments – chances are, they are closer than you think.

Secrets of Success from the Corporate Shark

According to the latest research, around one-fifth of business leaders show psychopathic, narcissistic and Machiavellian personality traits – the same rate as the prison population! Kerry explains the career related benefits to being a corporate shark, but at what costs? With examples from the study of paragons of virtue to serial killers, this talk examines the true nature of modern leadership.

Supreme Self-Esteem: How to Be ‘Flawsome'

Faced with a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be, it is unsurprising that feeling unworthy is commonplace. Men and women tend to experience crises of confidence differently and therefore this talk is specifically adapted to the gender, age and likely concerns of the audience. Whether addressing the rise of Imposter Syndrome among high-achievers, or the increasing tendency for women to confuse what they look like with who they are, Kerry gives you the tools necessary to get over your own inner barriers to supreme self-esteem.

Serial Killers, Stalkers & the Single Girl

What is it like being a young woman thrust into the world of high-profile violent offenders? From walking into a maximum-security prison at the start of her career aged twenty-one, to becoming a prominent Forensic Psychologist, Kerry describes the pressure and pitfalls of delving into the darkest recesses of the human psyche. In this talk she talks with candour and humour about what interviewing serial killers, attracting stalkers and rejecting the advances of sex offenders has taught her about the nature of what it means to be human.

Love: A Necessary Kind of Madness?

It is never too clever to get in the way of a hippopotamus and water, a dipsomaniac and a mini-bar and two people in love. But what makes the latter so hazardous? This funny and unexpected talk reveals why the brains and behaviours of a person in love might equally qualify them for a diagnosis of major mental illness. With tips and tricks for incurable romantics (one third of us!) and giving hope to the broken-hearted, prepare to challenge all of your assumptions about the nature of love and ‘madness'.

Kerry always tailors her presentations to your particular needs and audience. Please enquire about bespoke talks that are guaranteed to be:

• Accessible – Kerry speaks in ways audiences can immediately understand. Sharing psychological know-how but without the jargon, her talks are fun and relatable.
• Unforgettable – innovative, often irreverent and always thought provoking: compelling material delivered in a compelling way.
• Impactful – she takes the audience on an intellectual and emotional journey, making sure that they arrive with fresh perspectives that they can feel immediately inspired to take out into the real world.
• Pertinent – Kerry takes the time to really learn about her clients' event objectives, their business, charity or group, and the challenges they face.

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