Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall

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Lifestyle and well-being blogger Stephanie Hall is also a brand ambassador, speaker, media contributor and much sort after influencer.

She has worked all over the world with the majority of her time spent in the Middle East and Asia. Her passion and love for food have led to her blogging success. A self proclaimed full time food lover Stephanie recognised that she needed to look and feel good for her job and herself but didn't want to restrict her diet. After speaking with woman of all ages she discovered there was a huge demand for a lifestyle program that meant you could still eat out, have fun and enjoy wine without feeling restricted.

Having successfully achieved her goals she started blogging about her journey via her instagram account @stephanielewis4 to share her tips and tricks with other woman out there, putting across the message to all woman and men that you can have fun and feel good too. And that with hard work and most importantly balance, people can have their cake and eat it too! This soon developed into a blog and a full time occupation. She blogs about everything from food and fitness to lifestyle tips.

Stephanie is also a certified personal trainer and well-being advisor.

Stephanie Hall



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