Maxine Mawhinney

Maxine Mawhinney

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One of the most recognisable and experienced journalist and broadcasters in the UK, Maxine Mawhinney has had an incredible career spanning more than 40 years and she has reported from across the world as well as anchoring many news programmes.

The sole presenter on BBC World TV when Princess Diana died Maxine worked singlehandedly throughout the night and was seen throughout the world announcing the tragic news.

She recently left the BBC after 20 years where she was one of the main presenters on BBC News, the BBC One national news bulletins at weekends and Dateline London for BBC World TV.

Maxine is an extremely sought after keynote speaker on a wide range of topics from talks reflecting her 20 years as a top BBC journalist and News Anchor covering global events, to inspirational and empowering speeches suitable for a wide range of audiences.

She is also an extremely skilled interviewer making her an excellent moderator, facilitator and panel presenter across a myriad of topics.

Warm, knowledgeable and experienced Maxine is an excellent host for conferences and award ceremonies too.

From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Maxine has worked for BBC, Sky News, Ulster Television, Reuters TV, and ITN. She has lived and worked in Tokyo and Asia News Editor for Reuters TV and Washington DC for GMTV during the Clinton years.

Maxine Mawhinney



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