Dr Harry Witchel

Dr Harry Witchel

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Here is a selection of the print media and academic literature articles Dr Witchel has written and contributed to:

'Harry's Mad About Big Brother' (The BA Festival Ignite)

'Dr Harry Witchel: Big Brother Analyst' (Venue Magazine)

'In Pursuit of Pleasure' (Psychologies)

'Striking A Chord With The Psyche' (Irish Times Health Supplement)

'Monster-like Fungi Grows On Science Judges' (The Telegraph)

'Using Body Language With Your Client: A Controversial Soft Skill?' (The Review)

'Speed Dating: The Battle of the Sexes' (Times Online)

'Dating Tips From Dr Love' (The Sun Online)

'Have You Heard The One About...?' (The Psychologist)

'Know When To Kiss Her' (Men's Health Magazine)

'Musicians Have Bigger Brains' (Music Maker)

'Why I Laugh' (Times Higher Education Supplement)

'Spinning Yarns of a Superhero' (TES Teacher)

'Why Do Journeys Always Seem Shorter On The Way Back?' (Financial Times Magazine)

'How Cells Work' (Physiology, Inside the Human Body Part 41)

'How Cells Divide' (Physiology, Inside the Human Body Part 42)

'Incongruence: Do You Send Mixed Messages That Prevent You From Succeeding?' (Position Paper)

'Why Learning Body Language Can Be Counter-Productive' (Position Paper)

'Hope for Rare Heart Condition' (University News)

'If You're Happy and You Know It, Listen to Lily. If Not, It's the Verve' (The Independent)

'Verve's Drug is a Downer' (The Sun)

'Verve Are Top of the Sobs' (Metro)

'Science and the Soundbite' (University of Bristol Subtext Magazine)

'Music and its Mood-Altering Qualities' (The Guardian)

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