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Ben McBean

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Ben with his motivational and inspiring talk, his presence during the weekend was amazing and he most have spoke on a one to one basis with more than half the delegates. He was the only speaker who had a standing ovation ( in fact two minutes) and they wanted more from him.
Chris Knight - Conference Manager, Rotary District 1070

We couldn't have chosen a better inspirational speaker for the augural Redcar and Cleveland Business Forum. Ben's story of courage and tenacity along with his modesty and positivity moved the businessmen and women in the audience, and the many anecdotes he shared of life after the bomb blast in Afghanistan evoked laughter and tears in equal measure. A truly remarkable young man!
Julie Martin, Redcar and Cleveland Enterprise Team

Ben pretty much stole the show and was an absolute hit with all of us. His focus, commitment and drive inspired us all and I know a lot of the team are still talking about Ben. He was a superb addition to the night and made the whole evening memorable for all the right reasons. He also delivered a humorous story whilst remaining grounded and very humble
Oliver Harris MD Resource Solutions

I just wanted to say thank you for recommending Ben. He was amazing and his story had such an impact on the audience. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and his presentation had just the right mix warmth, humour, inspiration and motivation. An attendee called me this morning to say she used to moan to her husband about how hard it is caring for their adult son who has schizophrenia and how they never get to go away on their own. She said after listening to Ben, she has absolutely nothing to moan about ever again. So his impact is already being felt! Just one problem, how am I going to match this for next year's event? So thanks again and if you could pass my gratitude on to Ben, I would appreciate it.
Caroline Vining, Marketing and Communications Manager, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Ben McBean came to give a talk to my sales teams about his experiences as a soldier and his rehabilitation after his injury. His story is one which can't help but inspire and he has been the talk of the office ever since. The courage shown by this young man and the open, honest way he tells his story was something that will stick in my mind and the minds of my team for many years to come. I'd recommend listening to Ben - his story is compelling, extraordinary and truly inspiring.
Roger Thompson, JP Morgan Asset Management, MD, Head of UK

Ben McBean visited our offices and enthralled us with his completely frank story. He was a very engaging and confident speaker, whilst the subject matter was very disturbing; he was extremely modest in his explanation of his injuries. He had the audience in awe of his achievement and his recovery is a credit to this young mans courage. For anybody who is looking for an inspirational speaker, I would thoroughly recommend Commando McBean.
Andrew Crickmore, Investment Director, Eden Financial

Ben also speaks to schools and colleges include Babington Community School, South Dartmoor Sixth Form, Monkton Senior School, Saltash Community School, Blenheim High School, Guthlaxton College, Stafford College, Benfield School, The Crestwood School, Pensnett High School, Riverside Business & Enterprise College, Writtle College

Please pass on my thanks to Ben, he was outstanding and the students were very enthused by his message of perseverance and overcoming adversity. They were buzzing after his visit and were very positive this afternoon, I'm sure it will be a source of conversation and motivation throughout the year
Mrs H M Line KS3 Progress Manager Babington Community College

Ben was completely brilliant today and the students were really interested in everything he had to say. BBC Devon came along and stayed all morning, filming and recording for BBC on-line and Ben also spoke on BBC local radio early this morning. I understand a report was shown on the lunchtime news and will be on again at 6.30. The local newspaper also took some photographs to use (Mid-Devon Advertiser) I'm sure he will tell you how he felt the day went from his point of view, and we would be very happy to book him again in the future.
Lin Blackman, South Dartmoor College

In September 2012 I set about climbing Britain's 3 Peaks with the severely injured Ben McBean, who was blown up by the Taliban in AFGHANISTAN, losing his right leg and left arm above the elbow. Unfortunately we were unable to climb Snowdon in Wales in the same weekend due to safety issues regarding the weather. Ben however did scale Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, a feat of which I have never witnessed throughout my life thus far! Ben is an immense man, phenomenal inspiration and timely reminder of 'no matter how hard life may be, there's always a positive attached! As we were descending from Ben Nevis, Ben said to me that his Doctor told him he would be unable to climb Ben Nevis and if he did it would take him at least 5 days - Well Ben certainly stuck it too him there! We took Ben to the extreme, not only with the mountains technicality, but with his own body also and he couldn't walk for a week afterwards but giving up was never an option, even when the decision was made for him! Snowdon was conquered on October 14th 2012 and Ben went up and down like a man possessed. He is a truly incredible man.
A fellow Three Peaks Challenger

We invited Ben as a key note speaker to the launch event of our arts festival. The launch event is called HIP Talks, which stands for Hearing Inspiring People. Needless to say, there is a fair amount of pressure on us as organizers of an event with such an acronym to deliver.

Nonetheless, Ben's remarkable story is one that cannot fail to give impetus to even the most disaffected heart. However, to say that we were emboldened by the content alone would be to do his delivery a huge disservice. Prior to his arrival, Ben told me that a motto he lived by was one he was which was instilled in his training as a marine; "Cheerfulness in the face of adversity". It was evident for all to see. Every one of the audience was drawn in by the good natured ease with which he commanded our attention. As a result of Ben's invaluable contribution, we were able to consider the evening a huge success. It is the kind of success that will be measured by the impact he has had on lives old and young alike....for years to come.
Organiser, HIP talks

Ben McBean



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