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Tracy's Lecture Subjects

Treasured Memories

This talk is concerned with all those items once considered as every day objects, that have been discarded and that now have a following with collectors. They are pieces that would adorn every home or at least most of them and are now considered highly collectable – so worth a few pounds. Tracy will awaken all those nostalgic memories of things you used to take for granted, which are now worth money and make you wish that you had held onto them.

From Bootsale Princess to Collectables Queen

This is talk about Tracy! How she contracted Collectavitus at an early age and has successfully turned her hobby into a career. A talk which discusses Tracy's rise in the antiques and collectables industry it focuses on her television and radio work, as well as being author, journalist and life as a consultant in an auction house.

Made in Britain Glass

This talk discusses the modern British Studio Glass manufacturing. A patron for British Made products Tracy will talk in depth on techniques, designers and their creations of a selected few of the country's leading glass making studios. Also, advising what to buy now as a possible investment for the future.

Made in Britain Ceramics

This talk discusses the modern British potter industry. A patron for British made products Tracy discusses how smaller ceramic companies are working hard to keep the industry in the UK. Focussing on her favourite designers she will discuss techniques, designs and collectability of our contemporary British potters.

Festive Fortunes

Author of ‘Christmas Collectables' Tracy discusses the social history and collectability of everything Festive. Whether it's the baubles and figural tree lights you used as a child or special ornaments and crockery created to celebrate the festive season, Christmas collectables appeal to many types of collectors, as well as those who recall their own Christmas celebrations with nostalgia. Little realising just how valuable and desirable some of their own festive goods have become.

Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Shoes

Author of ‘Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Shoes' Tracy will discuss the social history of footwear, the designs and how today's shoes are not only practical but also an art form. From the Roman Caliga to Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots, every shoe tells a story.

Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Fashion

Author of ‘Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Fashion' Tracy will discuss the social history of fashion, the life and times of iconic designers as well as focussing on the collectability of iconic dresses that have impacted on the 20th/21st Century.

Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Handbags

This talk discusses the social history, designs and designers behind handbags. From Victorian through to present day every handbag tells a story. Tracy will look at ground breaking designs that have already become collectable as well as those that should be considered for future investment.

Auction Etiquette

A talk on the auction world, from how to bid, view and sell. The pitfalls and advantages to auction houses and all the wonderful things Tracy has sold for her clients. Exciting and amusing stories on treasured finds and what price they made!

Bootsale Bargains

Tracy is a bootsale queen, up early every weekend to hunt out treasures. In this talk she discusses what people should be looking for, amusing stories on items found and how to sort the wheat from the chaff in order to bag a bootsale bargain.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

Focusing on a handful of iconic designers from the Arts and Crafts movement hat emerged in the late Victorian era. Tracy talks about the life and designs of founding member William Morris, as well as Charles Ashbee, Archibald Knox, Comfort Tiffany, The Robert Bros and William de Morgan. It explains how the movement emerged, its goals and how the movement has impacted on today's society.

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