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Tracy Martin

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Thank you so much for coming to our annual Shelley Weekend Meeting at Peterborough as our guest after dinner speaker. In the past we have enjoyed a number of speakers who are personalities from the antiques world - auctioneers and TV antiques experts, all male. You brought a change of dimension and a fresh approach to antiques which were thoroughly enjoyed by our members. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your feminine slant and love of style and fashion found accord with our collectors, who revere the style and flair exhibited by many of the Shelley pieces, particularly from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. You entertained and amused us with personal anecdotes from your literary and antiques expert career, also educating us a little along the way. What more could we ask of an after dinner speaker for a ceramics collecting society?Many thanks from us all.
Gerry Pearce, Chairman

"After many years than I care to remember working in the world of fine art, antiques and collectables I have found myself in regular contact with all manner of fellow valuers and experts. Consequently I think it's fair to say that I have developed an instinct for recognising them as know from them as would have you believe they know and so can confirm that Tracy Martin is in a league to be taken seriously. With her finger well and truly pressed upon the pulse of a rapidly moving market. Tracy has a rare gift for being able to use her vast knowledge whilst maintaining a real passion for her subject."

Eric Knowles, Antiques Roadshow Expert.

"Tracy is not only extremely knowledgeable in all things collectable but is also a passionate collector herself."

Christopher Biggins

"Tracy martin was perfect for our female networking event. Smart, funny and undeniably charming, her talk was the perfect end to the evening. Thank you so much."

Lawyer Ladies Networking Event

Tracy Martin



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