Tony Banks

Tony Banks

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To many the Falklands War seems a life time ago. To others it feels like yesterday and in 'Storming the Falklands. My War and After', former Para Tony Banks reminds us what it was really like. Written through the eyes of a young soldier he recounts the horrors and tragedies, the fears and the camaraderie, the poignancy, and the futility of war.

He lifts the lid of some of the lesser known facts and is outspoken in m...any instances. Highlighting the terrors of PTSD which has affected so many veterans both in the UK and Argentina, it is a must read for everyone. It is also a great educator for people born since 1982.

Now the multimillionaire businessman and owner of the Balhousie Care Group, Tony admits that his appearance on Secret Millionaire and writing this book has brought emotions that he had held at bay for so many years to the surface and really helped him understand the profound affect it had on him and his life.

Tony Banks



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