Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser

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Known for co presenting the BBC's "Beat the Burglar" and as the principal mentor in C4's "Going Straight", Michael Fraser is also a highly successful security consultant.

As a youngster in care, he came within a whisker of receiving a custodial sentence and has not forgotten how he could so very easily have gone on to become a hardened criminal had he not been given a chance to 'go straight.'

In constant demand for media interviews, security skewed marketing campaigns and speaking, Michael is the man everybody turns to for comment and presenting on all topics relating to burglary and general crime in and around the home.

He is an expert on how not to become a victim of crime whether it be a burgled property or when one is out and about. His practical but incredibly valuable advice to help people prevent break-ins at home, a shed being pilfered, a car being stolen, a hand bag being pick pocketed or a pet being pinched is second to none.

Michael Fraser



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