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The British Monarchy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
There have been kings and queens in the UK for over a thousand years, and despite quirks of nature and accidents of birth, the join from one reign to the next has been almost seamless. Dickie dips into the history of the monarchy from the Hanoverian Georges to the present day Elizabethan age and beyond.

The Palace and the Press
Love them or hate them the media have always targeted the soft underbelly of the monarchy. No one in the family is excluded by them and in his talk Dickie highlights some of the highs and the lows the Royal family have had to endure, including The Queen, Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry.

The Relevance of Monarchy
Her critics argue there is no place in the 21st century for a monarchy. The Queen stands accused of being out of touch, rich and costing too much. By today's standards the Queen is way down in the rich list pecking order. Dickie explodes the 'rich & cost' myth by drawing comparisons between the cost of the Queen and other notable heads of state.

Spotlight on the Monarchy
It wasn't long after Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952 that she began to feel the full glare of the media spotlight. Television came of age with its coverage of her Coronation, since when neither TV nor photographers have left her, or other members of the royal family, alone. Today Dickie sheds light on how TV and photographers have combined to devalue the myth and mystique of Monarchy

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