Dave Finkle

Dave Finkle

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Dave's farming background is diverse. Passionate about farming, Dave started his agricultural career as soon as he could walk. By the age of 16 he had built up his own flock of 200 breeding ewes. After completing agricultural college, Dave worked for the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, became a Prototype Test Driver for CAT UK, lectured at Writtle Agricultural College and was also responsible for the management of a 3000 acre mixed livestock/arable farm.

Dave has a very wide vision. Ever alert, he watches the relationship between food producers and consumers. He loves to celebrate the vast array of products, production methods employed, and pays attention to the way story is told. He loves gardening, cooking and getting people involved.

'The food on your plate is no different to the clothes on you wear. Its all about fashion & quality.'

He graduated with a National Diploma in Agriculture and has worked his way through the Agricultural ranks to become Farm Manager of TV's famous Jimmy's Farm and working with Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver on a number of projects.

Dave also has an artistic streak. His creative art of pumpkin carving has attributed to appearances on TV shows such as GMTV, Soccer AM, Paul O'Grady Show and the Tate Modern, Harrods, Hamleys, and news papers around the world.

Dave Finkle has also set new benchmarks for the single fastest carved pumpkin and the most pumpkins carved in one hour. His time of 20.03 for the first record was three seconds faster than the old mark, whilst 102 carved pumpkins in the 60 minutes was double the old record.

His attempts were filmed by BBC One's Countryfile programme which was aired on Halloween in 2010. He said 'There was a guy called Stephen Clarke in America who held a couple of pumpkin world records and I wanted them, it was as simple as that.' The records were the latest chapter in the his pumpkin carving adventure. His 3D carvings of the likes of Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Simon Cowell and Wayne Rooney have seen him gain national and international media coverage.

On a more serious not one of the most important aspects of his work is delivering his expertise to the youth of today and he believes that education can be delivered in a very proactive and informal way. This work has inspired him, to continue on a much broader scale, telling the story of food production and inspiring children to grow their own...

Dave Finkle



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