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Henry Cole

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World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides: Travel Channel Worldwide
Now filming the shows 17th and 18th series WGMR has been one of Travel Channel's most popular and long running shows. Over the last 12 years the series has taken Henry and his motorcycle all over the world and back again and continues to do so!

The Motorbike Show: ITV4 and Discovery Networks
Now in its seventh season for ITV4 in the UK and Discovery Worldwide the series is a magazine type format allowing Henry to revel in all aspects of riding and restoring motorcycles

Shed and Buried for ITV and Travel Channel Worldwide
A brand new ten part series for ITV and Travel Channel sees Henry scour the UK's sheds and garages for all forms of vintage machinery that lie 'dead in a shed' just waiting for Henry to buy, renovate and make a buck on.

Channel Four
Fourth quarter of this year sees Henry present a brand new 20 part daytime series for Channel Four where he makes money for homeowners who have discarded or abandoned all forms of machinery from bicycles to tractors, motorbikes to mowers.

The Motorbike Show Special: Steve McQueen's Motorcycles
This two part special is dedicated to the 'King of Cool' Steve McQueen's love of motorcycles. In the series Henry builds a replica of one of McQueen's favourite bikes, talks to his son Chad, rides a selection of McQueen's bikes and re-enacts the famous jump in 'The Great Escape'.

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